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The Saginaw Chiropractic Team

Saginaw Spinal Decompression Technician: Kathy Kris

Kathy Kris

Kathy Kris Spinal Decompression Technician

Kathy Kris is the Spinal Decompression Technician of Spinal Aid Centers of America. She joined the staff of Tri-City Chiropractic in February 2006, where she received her Spinal Decompression Technician certification. She also works as a Front Desk Receptionist and Chiropractic Assistant. She brings with her Thirteen years of customer service experience in the retail industry.

Saginaw Chiropractic Assistant: Jill Uhrich

Jill Uhrich

Jill Uhrich Chiropractic Assistant

Jill Uhrich joined our staff at Tri-City Chiropractic in December 2009 as a Chiropractic Assistant. She has over 5 years experience in sales and customer service. She graduated from Northwood University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in management, banking and finance.

Jessica Martinski

Jessica Martinski

Jessica Martinski Chiropractic Assistant

Jessica Martinski joined our staff on May 12,2014 as a Chiropractic Assistant. Jessica graduated from Dorsey School in 2013 as a Certified Medical Assistant. She has 5 yrs.experience in customer service and one yr. as a Certified Medical Assistant. She is also a member of Business Network International.

Saginaw Massage Therapist, Connie Lepeak

Connie Lepeak

Connie Lepeak Massage Therapist

Connie Lepeak is a Certified Medical Massage Therapist at Tri-City Chiropractic. She graduated from the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage in 2002. She received her National Certification as a Medical Massage Therapist from the Blue Huron Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2004. She specializes in sports massage as well as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

Saginaw Massage Therapist, Sarah Schoof

Sarah Schoof

Sarah Schoof Massage Therapist

Sarah Schoof is a Certified Massage Therapist at Tri-City Chiropractic. She graduated from Nevada School of Massage Therapy in Las Vegas, NV in 2010. After completing the 8115.5 ACCET credited hours of bodywork training she received her national certification with the NCBTMB. Sarah’s passion for massage includes Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Trigger Point, Sports massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Saginaw Massage Therapist, Shannon Morford

Shannon Morford

Shannon Morford Massage Therapist

Shannon Morford is a Certified Massage Therapist at Tri-City Chiropractic. She graduated from Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2010. She has a degree in Neuromuscular and Myofascial body work. Shannon also specializes in Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic, Swedish, Sport, Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Tammy Dallas

Tammy Dallas

Tammy Dallas Massage Therapist

Tammy Dallas is a Certified Massage Therapist. Tammy specializes in deep tissue, triggerpoint, cranial sacral and medical massage. She graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2003 and has over 10 years experience as a massage therapist. She states, “I love being a massage therapist. It is my passion and my purpose.”

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